Saute mix

I guess Harmony Valley is known for the large assortment of greens they give in their CSA box. One of the ones I didn’t know what to do with at first was the bag of saute mix. To my eyes, it was just a bag of random greens. And since it wasn’t labeled as salad mix, I was hesitant to eat it that way. The only suggestion on the bag was to have it under sauteed meats. But I don’t eat sauteed meats very often.

I’m not quite sure how I came up with it, but this is how I ate ALL my saute mix (and this isn’t really a recipe).
I often eat scrambled eggs for breakfast, so one morning I tried the saute mix with my scrambled eggs. Divine!

I melted about a teaspoon of butter in my skillet, added two handfuls of saute mix and “sauteed” until everything was wilted. Took it out and did my scrambled eggs as usual and served them over the sauteed saute mix.
I never knew I could like eating greens with my breakfast so much. And it was awesome to know that I was starting the day already having a servings of veggies. I think I might even miss having the saute greens in my box now! (maybe this is a reason to get my butt out of bed Saturday mornings and make it to the farmers market)


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