Veggie stuffed Poblanos

I hate cooked peppers. There’s just something about the taste that is gross to me. I have never been able to understand why people like stuffed peppers. It completely ruins whatever you put in it. I’ll eat cooked peppers if I have to (ie, I’m at someone’s house and it’s in what we’re eating), but I don’t cook them at home and I don’t order them cooked when I’m out. I do however love a good crisp raw bell pepper.
But I love stuffed poblanos. There’s something different to them that I don’t hate them when they are cooked. But as they are usually fried in restaurants, I can’t eat them.
These aren’t fried, but are quite yummy and I’ll be making them again if/when I get more poblanos.

Veggie Stuffed Poblanos
You can find the original recipe in the Harmony Valley CSA newsletter for Aug 28-29, 2009. It’s a pdf and I’m too lazy to find the link right now.

0. Preheat oven to 400.
1. Put on some good music because you’ve had a stressful day. I suggest Radio Paradise.
2. Roast 4 poblano peppers. I used my BIG meat cutting “fork” and forked them at the stem and then held them over my gas burner until the skin popped and was nice and brown all around. Or at least as long as my patience allowed.
3. Place them in a bowl and cover it with plastic wrap. Set aside.
4. Chop up 1/2 onion and a small zucchini (or a 4″ wide section of a massive zucchini like I had to estimate a small zucchini).
5. Saute them in a bit of oil until browned.
6. Add a chopped clove of garlic.
7. While step 5/6 is occurring, shred a carrot and 1/2lb or so of cheese (I use colby jack for almost everything you’re supposed to use “cheddar” for).
8. Chop up a small bit of jalepeno. I put in just the lower section (no seeds), but you’ll have to judge how hot you like things. Put this in your shredded mix.
9. When the veggies are done, set them aside to cool.
10. Peel the poblanos (easiest under running water).
11. Cut a slit in the poblanos and “scoop” out the seeds.
12. Combine your veggie mix with your shredded mix and shove (spoon) as much into each pepper as you can get (or until you run out, I had a bit more mix than pepper volume). Don’t worry too much about overstuffing them, as it will bake down a bit.
13. Bake for 15-20 min. Pretty much if it looks done and the cheese is melted, you’re good.


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