Not so crispy edamame

When I found edamame in my box, I didn’t really feel like making just normal edamame. I’ll eat it, but it doesn’t do anything for me. So I found this recipe for Crispy Edamame and thought it sounded great. Granted, I had fresh edamame I had to shell, I figured it shouldn’t make much of a difference. Other than that, I pretty much followed the directions (ok, so I just put the edamame in a bowl, poured oil over it, along with some parm and salt and mixed it around, I didn’t measure a damn thing). And the oven temp might have been a bit off (I put it in in between my housemate making ribs, so it started at 350 and ended at 425). But honestly? I don’t think those things should make that much of a difference. But apparently something did, or the recipe is bunk. As my edamame was not crispy at all. I won’t call this a failure, as the whole thing is edible, but it isn’t what I wanted. Definitely not something I’ll make again.

(and here you also have proof that I will post the stuff I make that sucks)


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