Why CSA?

As the CSA season winds down, I’ve been thinking more about why I bought into a CSA, and what I hope to have happen next season. My CSA season won’t actually be over until some time in January because I’m buying an extended share (beets!), but the why of this whole adventure has been on my mind. I have a better idea of what I eat now. I have a better idea of how quickly things can go bad. I also have some new foods and dishes that I can hopefully keep in a seasonal rotation.
Getting to see Michael Pollan talk a couple of weeks ago cemented some of my thoughts. I’m not necessarily interested in organic. And I’m not sure I want to identify as a locavore. But I want to know where my food comes from. I want to know how it’s raised. I want to know how it got to my plate. And hopefully, through all this, I want it to have had the smallest amount of waste possible. For me, this isn’t about cost, it’s about doing the right thing for both my body and our planet.
I think Mark Bittman’s TED talk from 2007 puts it so much more eloquently than I ever could. So here you go. And just for references sake, this is also VERY similar to Michael Pollans talk here at UW.


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