I’m on the hunt for a new CSA for 2010. I took a look at MACSAC’s list for this year and narrowed it down to 12 farms so far. And seeing as a few have March 1st deadlines for cheaper prices, it looks like I need to be deciding sooner rather than later. If you’ve got any inputs on any of these farms, please feel free to share. I’m looking for a every other week share (which all 12 of these offer), I’m also looking for pick up times I can actually make (who the hell has time to pick up a box at noon on Weds?!?). Lastly, now that I actually have an idea of what I eat, I’m looking for “regular” produce. No, the daikon never got eaten. Most of my squash rotted before I could figure out what the hell to do with it. I went with Harmony Valley last year, which was good, but I don’t think I want to do them again for various reasons. Too much for too long and too many things I didn’t know what to do with. My list of 12 is at the bottom.

And if you’re local and interested in sharing a spring share with me, please let me know. Four of these farms offer spring shares (Greenspirit 4 wks $150, JenEhr 6wks $270, Keewaydin Farms 4 wks $150, and Vermont Valley 4 wks $190). I likely can’t eat an entire spring share, though I could certainly make a dent in one! (I love greens)

Lastly, I’m contemplating expanding a bit on what I talk about here. For me food is important because it runs my body and because I love to cook (and eat). But the other self care things I do tie directly into the foods I eat too. I do the CSA thing partly because I believe the food is better for me, not necessarily in that it is better than what I can find at the grocery store, but because it gets me to eat tons of veggies and I think that’s good for me. I’ve been feeling sluggish lately and I think it ties directly between the foods I’m eating the exercise I’m (not) getting. So I’m thinking of expanding to talk about fitness and general self body care. Thoughts?

2010 Farms that I like thus far
Driftless organics
Greenspirit Farm
Harmony Valley
Keewaydin Farms
King’s Hill Farm
Middlebury Hills
Primrose Community
Ridgeland Harvest
Shady Blue Acres
Two Onion Farm
Vermont Valley


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  1. I think I told you, but I signed up for Two Onion Farm again, I liked them and the pick-up is right across the street! But HV definitely seems expensive… lots of them seem like good options. My solution to squash fatigue was to just sign up for the summer share, I figure I can go get any autumn produce I need at the farmer’s market. We can go together if you want :)

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