Hodge podge

My new favorite non-recipe: dates and feta. Seriously. Best. Snack. Ever.

I made Cranberry Cole Slaw with an eye towards a cole slaw with no mayo. While I will certainly finish this batch, it wasn’t anything stellar and is likely not something I’ll make again.

I also made hummus that night. I based it off of this Smoked Chipotle Hummus recipe. I’ve gotten good feedback about it from a couple of taste testers, but I feel it’s missing something and I’m not sure what. This is roughly how it went:

Combine in a food processor:
29oz can of well rinse and half-ass peeled garbanzo beans
1/4 c tahini
1/4 c lemon juice
2 T olive oil
2 chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, from a can (and a few spoonfuls of the paste)
2 cloves of garlic
a few random roasted red peppers from a friend
a large pinch of salt

Process until the consistency you want it to be.
I eat it with carrots.


Better Late Than Never

This blog post really spoke to me. I haven’t really started this exercise kick so that I can lose weight, but more so that I can get back into shape. Even if my weight doesn’t change, if my fitness level increases, I’ll be perfectly pleased. At 30 I know this won’t get any easier.

So even reading about last weekend’s fitness challenge reminded me that I needed to get off my ass and do Some Exercise.

So, day 1 week 2 of push ups: 9, 11, 8, 8, 11. Astute readers familiar with the program will see I’ve done a column change. Whatever, this program is for me, not so I can say I followed someone else’s idea to the T.
Day 1, week 4 of sit ups: 32, 38, 32, 32, 85. So much easier as usual. And I almost feel that as my breathing gets better, I can do a ton more.

Weekend Warrior – fitness challenge completed!

Technically, I’ve completed my Weekend Warrior fitness challenge! I did 12 sun salutations yesterday (and my legs are plenty sore today to remind me). I just finished my 100 push up and 200 sit up exercises. 33, 42, 30, 30, 70 for sit ups and 11, 15, 9, 9, 14 for push ups. Technically I was on campus yesterday and we took the stairs up. So that means I’m done! I did it!
I say technically because my real intention for the stairs goal was that if I went into the lab I work in, which is on the 4th floor, that I needed to take the stairs (and those are TALL floors). But I didn’t go in yesterday and won’t today either. However, I went into a different building, up to the third floor (shorter floors too), but I still took the stairs. This will likely happen again today.

So there you have it.

Weekend Warrior – Fitness challenge

I’m participating in my first ever fitness challenge, a Weekend Warriors challenge. If left to my own devices completely, I likely would do my weekend exercises. But throw in a boyfriend and all the stuff we’d like to get done this weekend, and I could likely use an extra push to make sure I get my exercises done. So here it is, my fitness related goals for the weekend:
1. Do a minimum of 10 sun salutations Saturday.
2. Sunday finish my day 3’s of the 100 push up challenge and the 200 sit up challenge.
3. If I come in to “work,” take the stairs up instead of the elevator.
Simple and completely in line with that I expect out of myself during the weekend.

Vermont Valley

I’ve chosen a CSA for this year: Vermont Valley.
They were my second choice last year, but there are a few reasons why I decided to go with them this year. One is the shorter season. The fall season of Harmony Valley was really wasteful for me. I’m not quite sure why, but I figure if/when I really want fall veggies, there are quite a few Farmer’s Markets in this area, and I can just go to them for what I want. Another is affordability. I could afford Harmony Valley again, but they are one of the most expensive, and frankly, I’m not sure I got $500+ of value out of it. Vermont Valley is much cheaper ($355 for an every other week) yet they seem to offer the same basic veggies and the same amount. So there you go.

On a slightly related note, I spent part of my federal tax refund one of these bad boys: KitchenAid KFP740CR 9-Cup Food Processor with 4-Cup Mini Bowl. I plan to use it with some of my upcoming veggies, but tonight I broke it in making Lamb Korma. Maybe tomorrow I’ll finally finish making bread crumbs :)

Today’s fitness:
Day 1, Week 1 push ups: 10, 12, 7, 7, 9
Day 1, Week 3 sit ups: 21, 27, 21, 21, 35
(These numbers are the sets I do, so if you go look at the week one plan you’ll see that you do a set of 10, then 12, then 7, yadda yadda).


Part of my self care journey this year is to add fitness into my life. Exercise more. Make my jeans fit more comfortably again. Along these lines I’ve given myself the challenge to take the stairs every day at work (and with the exception of being sick the past two weeks, I’ve been doing a good job). I also walk to campus every day that it’s possible (I’ve only taken the bus in 3 times now, and twice because I couldn’t really walk well after a bad fall on ice). One other current challenge that I’m work on is the 100 push up challenge and the 200 sit up challenge. School and illness derailed these for a bit, but I retested last night and am set to get back on track Wed. This time around I’m doing modified push ups. Frankly, if someone judges me for it, it’s their problem, not mine. 12 modified pushups puts me starting at column three on week one. For the situps challenge I’ll be starting in column three on week three, as I was able to do 50 last night. Stay tuned to see my progress!