Better Late Than Never

This blog post really spoke to me. I haven’t really started this exercise kick so that I can lose weight, but more so that I can get back into shape. Even if my weight doesn’t change, if my fitness level increases, I’ll be perfectly pleased. At 30 I know this won’t get any easier.

So even reading about last weekend’s fitness challenge reminded me that I needed to get off my ass and do Some Exercise.

So, day 1 week 2 of push ups: 9, 11, 8, 8, 11. Astute readers familiar with the program will see I’ve done a column change. Whatever, this program is for me, not so I can say I followed someone else’s idea to the T.
Day 1, week 4 of sit ups: 32, 38, 32, 32, 85. So much easier as usual. And I almost feel that as my breathing gets better, I can do a ton more.


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