Weekend Warrior – how’d I do?

As stated Friday, these were my three fitness goals for the weekend:
1. As usual, if I spend any time in lab, I need to take the stairs up and down. And now that we’re on the sixth floor, this is even better for me exercise wise.
2. Go to a yoga class. Somewhere. Anywhere. Just get out and go. Tomorrow morning would be ideal for this.
3. Assuming I go to yoga Saturday, and it doesn’t rain Sunday, go for a walk Sunday. 3 miles would be good, as that seems to be my current limit, but farther is certainly ok if I’m feeling up to it.

How’d I do?
First, number 2. Made it to a yoga class Saturday morning. The good news is that I went and survived and my coccyx injury didn’t get in the way. The bad news was that my left foot was in a lot of pain about half way through the class. Enough so that I’ll be taking to my physical therapist about it. I’ve been wearing orthotics that are supposed to help for the past 6 months or so, but this is the worst pain my foot has every been in from doing something like yoga. I hope something more can be done for it.

Stairs? Done! Took the stairs at least once all the way up Friday, Saturday and today.

Walk? Not so much. I wasn’t feeling well this morning and honestly getting ready for my test on Tuesday was much more important than this walk. However, I’m not calling this one a full fail. I went out Sat night and danced my ass off at a friends house for a few HOURS. So that was a lot of exercise right there and likely the most aerobic exercise I’ve had in a long time. Additionally, one of my “walks” up the stairs today I actually half ran. I made it up to somewhere between the third and fourth floor before I had to slow down and walk the rest of the way. My lungs and legs just weren’t having it after that.

So while I technically didn’t complete all three of my goals, I’m still calling the weekend a fitness success. I got a lot more exercise than I normally do. I’ve also managed to do my coccyx exercise from my physical therapist a few times. Now if I could just do this on a more regular basis…


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