Eating seasonally

Eating seasonally in Wisconsin can be hard for part of the year. While much of the rest of the country is celebrating spring vegetables, spring is really just starting here. And that was in full evidence at the Farmer’s Market this morning. While I’ve seen tons of recipes popping up for asparagus, as the quintessential spring vegetable, there wasn’t a single one in site at the Farmer’s Market this morning. It’s just too early in the season. So while I went with the intention of beginning my ‘eat even more local’ quest, I didn’t come home with much. My only real veggie options were spinach, rhubarb, spring onions, mustard greens, and some greenhouse tomatoes. As usual, there were tons of different kinds of cheese and an assortment of evil baked goods.

This is what I came home with:

What you see here is 24 oz of Basswood honey (good for tea supposedly, which is what I’ll use it for): $7.75. 12oz of spinach: $2. 1lb of nitrite free bacon and 3.5lb or so of chuck roast: $21.85. (you can also see the kitchen counter bin for stuff destined for the worm bin)

Not exactly enough to get me through to next week! But it’s a start, especially the meat. I’ve not bought meat from the Farmer’s Market before. There were a few meat vendors, two selling pork and beef (and one selling just Elk!). As I’ve got an Amish raised chicken being purchased for me this weekend by a coworker, I stayed away from the chicken people. Jordandal Farm seemed like they had reasonable prices and cuts of meat I know what to do with, so I went with them today for the bacon and chuck roast. Though honestly, if these are the prices I’ll need to pay to eat local meat that I believe in, I’ll be eating a lot less meat real fast!


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