Costa Rica

My life schedule will be totally messed with likely for the next 2+ weeks. I’m in Costa Rica to do field work. So on the one hand, some of my food will probably be some of the best local food you can get. On the other hand, some of it will be pure crap. And who knew that the TSA didn’t allow natural peanut butter through security? I was peeved and it was the one thing that almost set me over the edge tears wise with this trip so far.
The up side is that doing field work I will likely get more exercise than I’ve ever regularly gotten. But I think I’m going to have a hard time balancing it with the food culture here. I snack. Often. And my snack food will likely be gone soon (hell, we had lunch at around noon today, but dinner won’t be until after 8pm). My body does not like this thus far. But hopefully it will all add up to me returning home a few pounds lighter and appreciating a few things that I currently take for granted.

By the time I return home, it should be almost CSA season. I’m looking forward to writing about what I do with my CSA boxes again.


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