Do it NOW

I’m back in San Jose for a few nights. I spent the last 10 days at La Selva Biological Station. Un/Fortunately el comedor fed me very good comida sin gluten, so I doubt I left any lighter than when I arrived, despite spending a few VERY sweaty mornings on the trails both wandering around and doing some collections. Right now I’m hanging out in my hotel room. The unfortunate side of traveling during el invierno is that it’s been raining all afternoon. Not good wandering weather. I wandered around el Museo Nacional for a bit and helped stimulate the Costa Rican economy but now I’ve nothing to do. Rather than think about how much I really need to start exercising when I get home, I did some exercise NOW. Why wait? I’ve got nothing else to do with my time. I’d like to do a load of laundry so that I don’t go to Monte Verde with a suitcase smelling like a peccary, which you can smell from 15 feet away, even if you can’t see them in the forest. Below is my exercise log, which maybe I should make more public to keep me more accountable?

8 sun salutations
40 crunches
tree pose
boat pose
10 girly pushups
physical therapy exercises


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