La Parra

I had the single best meal tonight for dinner since arriving in Costa Rica. If you are ever near the University of Costa Rica for dinner, I highly recommend La Parra. Like most restaurants in this area, it seems, they don’t have a website. But they are good solid Argentinian food. Their “address” is Barrio Escalante, Del Farolito 200 este y 25 sur. I got to meet all three co-owners, a mother, her daughter, and her daughter’s husband. The mother also joked that the 1 year old grandson might as well be co-owner too (and what a cutey!). The head chef (the daughter) was actually the person who took my order, as I was the only diner in the restaurant (they are a new restaurant, and I think I was a bit early for Tico dinner time). Her English was good enough, and my Spanish bad enough, that we figured out something for me to eat. When she learned I have la enfermedad celiac and that I wanted fish for dinner, she told me she could make tilapia with garlic. It doesn’t sound impressive, but oh, it was. I saw, and tasted, a bit of rosemary in there too. I definitely savored every bite of that fish. Dessert was some flan. And then some more flan. I could have kept eating, but decided that since I leave to return to the US tomorrow, that getting back and getting packed was a wise idea. Even if I haven’t started packing… more than an hour later. To top it all off, my dinner was less than $15, and that includes two glasses of decent Chilean wine. Good food, friendly conversation with the owners, that to me is what makes a good meal out.


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