500 Fruits Project

I despise the idea of a bucket list. Things you want to do before you *die*. I hate the idea that it is focused on an end point. I want to focus on things while I’m still *alive*. On the flip side, I love the idea of a Mighty Life List (even if the author subtitles it “Things to do before I go”).
Being the list maker that I am, I’ve been working on putting mine together. I’ve got 26 things on my list thus far and I’m not yet ready to make it public (if I ever will). But one thing I would love to share is my goal to try 500 different kinds of fruit. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to aim only for culinary fruits or true fruits (as in, will a tomato count as fruit?). I do know that I want to focus on trying the fruits in their truest form possible (as in, juice doesn’t count). Seeing a fabulous opportunity, I kicked this project off while I was still in Costa Rica. If I’d started a bit earlier, this list would likely be longer. Oh well.
I’ll update this every so often, and hopefully include a few notes about what I try.
Another note, I’m starting from zero here. So while I’ve certainly had strawberries before, they still count. Any fruit I try from this day forward counts.

12. Navel orange
11. Peach
10. Seedless red grapes
9. passion fruit
8. strawberries
7. kiwifruit
6. Banana – Oh, so THIS is what a banana tastes like!
5. Guanabana
4. Papaya
3. Plum – Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever had a plum before. Shame because I might actually like ’em.
2. Mango
1. Watermelon


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