500 Fruits – update #1

I thought since I’ve reached 20, I’d talk a little bit about the why and how of my 500 fruits project. While I certainly am a list oriented person, I’m not just doing this to make a list of fruits I’ve tried. I’m also hoping to do that whole ‘broaden your horizons’ thing along with maybe finding a few new things I might like to add to my usual eating routine.
The guidelines I’m following: If it’s a ripened ovary of a plant and it’s edible, it counts as a fruit in my book. I’m also counting anything that might already be considered a fruit to normal people. What this means is that tomatoes count (they are the ripened ovary of the tomato plant), and so do strawberries (which are ‘accessory fruits’ which do not develop from the plants ovaries). The first is a true fruit to me, the second would be a fruit to any normal person. I’m also letting variants/strains/cultivars count. Would you consider a red bell pepper to be the same as a jalapeno? Odds are no; you think they are different. But both come from the same genus of plant (Capsicum annuum), but since I’d rarely use a bell pepper where I’d use a jalapeno, I’m going to let both count. For all of these to count though, they need to be in their truest form possible. If I can safely eat it raw, that is how I should do it.

So here’s my first 20:
20. green seedless grapes
19. grape tomatoes
18. Blueberries (crappy blueberries, but none the less, they still count)
17. Avocado (though the one I had in Costa Rica was *WAY* better)
16. vine on tomato
15. Nectarine
14. Apricot
13. Raspberries
12. Navel orange
11. Peach
10. Seedless red grapes
9. passion fruit
8. strawberries
7. kiwifruit
6. Banana – Oh, so THIS is what a banana tastes like!
5. Guanabana
4. Papaya
3. Plum – Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever had a plum before. Shame because I might actually like ‘em.
2. Mango
1. Watermelon


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