Food choices

Anyone who has ever dieted, developed food allergies or intolerances (or autoimmune diseases associated with food), knows how very important food choices are. Of course this gets to the ideas discussed in books like “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”, a topic that occupies my mind often.

I came back from Costa Rica a few pounds lighter than when I went there. Of course this is no surprise, but I really don’t think it’s due to increased exercise alone. I’ve even managed to lose a few more pounds since then, but I honestly couldn’t tell you why. Here’s my lovely PhysicsDiet chart to illustrate my point:

This got me thinking about the food I ate while I was in Costa Rica and the food that I eat here, particularly because I saw a great reduction in belly swelling alone from being in Costa Rica. While I’m sure I could attribute some of the weight lose to increased exercise, surly not all of it can be, particularly the loss of my belly. The belly swelling to me suggests that I’m reacting to a food(s) I eat. I ate tons of fruit (sugars) while I was in Costa Rica along with rice, potatoes and corn (carbs), and plenty of meat (chicken, pork, fish and beef). I certainly consumed salt. I also had dairy almost every day in the form of a La Selva mocha (scoop or two of sugar and cocoa, a bit of milk, top with coffee). I also had ice cream a few times. The only thing I can figure out is that I didn’t consume in any real quantity soy, HFCS, or oatmeal while I was there. My processed meat consumption was also low.

It’s obvious to me that my body is reacting to something here in the form of a somewhat swollen belly. The problem is that even of the foods I listed, I still don’t consume much of them at home (ok, other than oatmeal). The simple fact of eating few processed foods cuts out large amounts of soy and HFCS. I rarely drink soda these days. The only measurable amount of soy I eat is usually in the form of gluten free soy sauce in a stir fry. So I’m left wondering what changes I need to make to help my body function better and get this belly swelling down (which has already started to return). So I’m considering dropping the oats for a month, being even more mindful of where soy comes into my diet, and of course limiting HFCS as much as I can (the irony is that we had Garlic Chicken for dinner {with soy sauce} and I followed it with an Icee pop {full of HFCS}). I’m going to continue trying to up my fruit intake. I’m not sure what other changes to try. Any suggestions?


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