Going GF

Two excellent blog posts were posted yesterday about being and going gluten free. If you are gluten free, are thinking of going gluten free, or know someone gluten free, they might be useful to check out:
The Gluten Free Diet from Elana’s Pantry
Nothing but ‘net from No Gluten No Problem

For me, I have to strongly agree with Pete and some of the findings from parents; social eating for me can still be one of the hardest things. There are certain people who cook for me that I trust. They understand the risks of cross contamination and have taken special steps to be able to cook for me safely (how many friends have dedicated sugar and peanut butter in their houses, just to make things for you?!? I do!). But most other people, if I’m even feeling a little off, I’ll pass on what they offer me. These days I really don’t want to risk not feeling well just to appease someone else. And the recent research that shows that even ‘gluten free’ ingredients that aren’t tested can still be cross contaminated with gluten makes me even more worried. Thankfully more and more people are getting educated and so I find it easier and easier to be gluten free. I live in an area of the country where I can easily find gluten free food and ingredients. I can even safely eat out at restaurants! I can finally, after 7 and a half years of being gluten free, say that I’m thankful for having Celiac Disease. I eat healthier than I ever have and I have a much deeper appreciation for my food because of it.


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