500 Fruits: Update #4

Now that I’ve hit 50, I think I’ll slow down a bit on posting these updates, perhaps every 20 or so. We’ll see. Apparently going on vacation is helpful when you want to try new fruits. I’ve still got two more sitting on my counter waiting for me to eat them (in fact, all but one of the updates were bought in PA). Perhaps tomorrow evening.
Other than the obvious of getting to try new things, and giving myself permission to be adventurous, I think the thing I’m enjoying about this project the most is talking to other people about it. The first question I usually get is “Are there even 500 different fruits?” to which the short answer is “Yes.” Then I start talking about fruit varieties (would you say a pink lady apple is the same as a green granny smith?). Then, depending on the person, they either start talking about their favorite fruits, or weird fruits they’ve tried. My coworkers and I had probably a 10 minute conversation about this over lunch today (and this is a topic we’ve already covered). Then I got everyone to try yellow plums that I bought in Pennsylvania. For one of my coworkers, this may have been his first plum ever.

50. black grapes
49. zucchini
48. dapple dandy plum
47. sprite melon
46. dark sweet cherry
45. yellow plum
44. red banana
43. bartlett pear
42. lychee nuts
41. White nectarine
40. Red Velvet Pluot
39. Black Velvet Africot – probably one of my favorites so far
38. Sweet red cherries
37. Clementine
36. mulberries
35. pineapple
34. lime
33. jalapeno
32. Grapefruit
31. Blackberries
30. Packham’s Triumph pear
29. Cantaloupe
28. Rainier cherries (we think)
27. Red Anjou Pear
26. Asian pear (which will not be making it’s way into my usual rotation) **turns out the one I had likely wasn’t ripe enough, I’ve been advised to try one again, but make sure it’s ripe.
25. Bell pepper (red)
24. D’anjou pear
23. Pluot
22. Black plum
21. Red Plum
20. green seedless grapes
19. grape tomatoes
18. Blueberries (crappy blueberries, but none the less, they still count)
17. Avocado (though the one I had in Costa Rica was *WAY* better)
16. vine on tomato
15. Nectarine
14. Apricot
13. Raspberries
12. Navel orange
11. Peach
10. Seedless red grapes
9. passion fruit
8. strawberries
7. kiwifruit
6. Banana – Oh, so THIS is what a banana tastes like!
5. Guanabana
4. Papaya
3. Plum – Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever had a plum before. Shame because I might actually like ‘em.
2. Mango
1. Watermelon


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