Primal Blueprint – 30 day challenge

If you’re not here to hear me rant about food theory/dietary ideas, the next month might not be for you.

So, um, yeah. I’m *half* jumping on the bandwagon and sort of doing the Primal Blueprint 30 day challenge. As someone said in the forums over there, it’s probably more like I’ll do it at 80% (or less) effort, but likely for longer.

I’ll start with the negative: I’m not sure Mark has it 100% correct on the evolution aspect. While I would agree that most Americans eat way too many carbs, and way too many crappy carbs, I’m not sure it’s really necessary to completely cut them out. Domestication of grains is part of what allowed us to settle down as people (agriculture in general being the bigger one). I do think *how* we eat our grains is a big problem too, as I know some Real Food/Whole Food peeps would agree. I’m still reading though about human evolution and food choices in different societies, so the above ideas will likely change and morph as I learn more and decide how I feel about it.

That said, I do think eating more veggies, meat and good fats isn’t a bad thing. In fact, I think on the whole this is what humans have evolved eating, and hence is why I like much of what Mark posts. I’m just not sure carbs are TeH EviLZ OMGz!! I’m alreagy gluten free (obviously) and I haven’t had fast food in … YEARS. And because I can’t get many food replacments gluten free, or I just don’t want to spend the money on them, some of the junk foods other people have problems with aren’t even on my radar.

Here are some of my goals as they stand today, day 1:
-walk or bike to campus every day. I can ride the bus if it’s raining.
-choose veggies first (as I’ve already been doing and has been working fabulously).
-revisit the asthma specialist to see if there is another inhaler that might not leave me so edgy. I had one, but the formularly for my health insurance no longer covers it.
-focus on eating better breakfasts, in the primal sense.
-focus on eating better snacks, in the primal sense.
-go to bed when I’m tired. As in, just because it’s 11pm and I still feel like I should get a lot done, GO TO BED.
-minimize: rice, potatoes, and corn.
-minimal, but good quality, chocolate.
-NO: ice cream, chips, mindless eating, pretzels

I still need to think about how I feel about dairy and sweet potatoes.

I have a few ‘hindrances’ going into this challenge:
-I’m an exercise induced asthmatic. I rode my bike to campus today, which was fabulous exercise, but it also means I’ve been edgy and shaky all day from having to use my inhaler, hence my need to revisit the asthma specialist.
-To add to this I also have a history of knee pain (which has been better in recent years) and a neuroma on my left food. These combined make exercise an interesting/painful experience.
-I only cook dinner 2 nights out the of the week. My boyfriend usually cooks 4, and we make do for the 7th. While I certainly have a say in what we eat every day and no one can force food down my throat, it does mean my food choices effect someone else. This goes back to the idea of not doing Primal full force, as I’m sure I’ll still be eating some rice, potatoes and corn. However, to balance this, I’ll like try to eat slightly less of those and fill up with more main dish and veggies.

Going forward, at some point I would like to add lifting heavy things and sprinting, but I’m not there yet. Hopefully I’ll start feeling better soon, and I’ll have more desire to play. And lets be honest, I live in WI. Sunlight will soon be the devil (I don’t know about you, but in cold climates, clear sunny days are the WORST in the winter, and really not that helpful for vitamin D anyway).

So there you have it. Some amorphous hard to measure goals. We’ll see.