As I’ve been mulling over the idea of the primal diet in my head I’ve been doing a lot of reading. At first I thought I didn’t know where to start looking for research into what humans used to eat, but then realized that I have a human evolutionary genetics textbook collecting dust on my bookshelf. I’ve read a little bit of it, not enough to add anything here, but enough to know that I have more reading to do. A few links I found this morning do start to speak though to some of the thoughts I have. If you are a primal adherent following Marks Daily Apple, his thoughts are in this link about Carb counts and Primal eating. I’m not sure it’s the best answer though. I know the forums over there say that you tailor it to your needs, and I would honestly hope that anyone making major dietary changes figures out what works for them rather than just blindly following one person’s ideas. But I don’t think Mark writes about the whole story. I found two more links that I think start to get at what my thoughts are, and really, it puts me right back in the whole foods/real foods movement, rather than the ideas in the primal/paleo diets. Those two posts are: Why low carb diets work and Low Carbs and hunter gatherers.

I think I’m starting to reach the conclusion that grains and carbs aren’t evil, but rather how average Americans eat them is evil. If all you eat is processed grains in the form of cereal/bagels for breakfast, white bread for lunch, then white rice for dinner, topped off with various processed snacks throughout the day, then of course your body is going to rebel and you gain weight. But if moderate amounts of whole foods with grains and carbs are eaten, I don’t see how our omnivorous bodies would be truly pissed off. Something for me to think more and read more about.

The other development today, as I promised myself, was to start learning to nutrient count for my birthday. And that’s exactly what I just did. I’ve had FitDay and DailyBurn accounts for a while, but hadn’t done much with them. I spent some time today playing around on FitDay trying to input my food but just found myself getting frustrated with their setup and food options. I had a hard time finding something even close to much of what I’d eaten today. Then I started playing around with the DailyBurn set up and found it much easier to do. I was able to find better approximations of what I’ve eaten today, so I may give that a try again tomorrow. It was hard though to pick something close to our homemade gluten free sesame chicken. A deep fat fryer (DEFINITELY not primal) was purchased a few weeks ago and homemade gluten free sesame chicken has fast become our new addiction. There are some things I’m not fond of on DailyBurn that I might like FitDay better for, but unless I can make searching foods easier on FitDay, I’ll never use it. I won’t share today’s numbers as I don’t think they are representative of average for me. We went out for sushi for my birthday, which shockingly ended up being a little less than half my calories for the day, but about 40% of my carbs. I’ll do this for a few days to see what I think. Hopefully my carb numbers will be more in line with what I think they should be and less based on white rice.
We’ll see.