Saute mix

Some of you will remember from last year my love of the saute mix from Harmony Valley that came in my CSA boxes. I’ve been missing that with my CSA this year with Vermont Valley. So I decided yesterday to venture to the farmer’s market to fix that. Now, I could have simply gone to the largest producer only farmer’s market in the country which is about a mile from my house and get saute mix straight from the Harmony Vally stand, but that farmer’s market leaves me filled with rage and homicidal tendencies. Needless to say, I avoid the square Saturday mornings at all costs. Instead when I’m itching for a farmer’s market, I venture a bit further away and go to the Westside Community Market. I can cover the entire thing in about 15-20 minutes. Scope out all the stands, and then go back and buy what I want.

Since I had no recollection of what greens are actually in the Harmony Valley saute mix, this was kind of an experiment. I already had collard greens at home from my CSA box. I talked to a woman at one of the stands that had a number of greens and she suggested that flat leaf kale, mustard greens and dandy lion greens would all go well in a saute mix. I also figured swiss chard would go well to, so I picked up a bunch of that from another stand. This morning I rinsed all of those greens and chopped them into roughly one inch wide pieces (as in, just hold the entire bunch of greens piled up and slice about an inch wide swath, thats it). I mixed them all well in a bowl, and wa la, saute mix.

As per my usual, I fried up 2 slices of bacon. I put a bit more bacon fat in the cast iron skillet and added two handfuls of my saute mix. Cooked it down a bit, put it on my plate, and then did my usual overhard egg in the remaining fat in the pan. I’ll only change two things for the future. Next time I make the mix, I’ll derib some of the leaves a bit better. They don’t all cook down at the same rate, so I ended up with some probably a bit over cooked, and some leaf ribs a bit under cooked. All edible, but perhaps it would be better with a bit more trimming. And for tomorrow morning, I think a generous handful will be sufficient rather than the two I tried this morning.


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