Preventing a glutening

I’ve been gluten free for 7.5 years. I Should Know Better. I should be used to all that comes with living a medically necessary gluten free life. I don’t cry anymore walking by the bakery section in the store. I try at all costs to never need to go down the cookie and cracker isle. I shop with mental blinders on. I can tell you where the gluten free flours are. I now where in the regular baking area the gluten free Betty Crocker mixes live. The glutened filled ones? I know they are in the store, but I never pay them any mind. I go for what I need and rarely skim around to see what else is there.
I know however that the hallmark of gluten free shopping is label reading. All the time. Every time. No matter what product you are buying. I know this. Yet still after 7.5 years, some things still slip through. *We* were supposed to be having rib tips for dinner made in the crock pot with yummy BBQ sauce. This is one of the boyfriend’s dishes. He started them a few hours ago and they smell DIVINE. As I was standing in the kitchen, waiting for my lunch to reheat (the rest of the butter chicken from earlier this week), I started eyeballing the empty BBQ sauce bottle. A number of weeks back we tried one of the flavors from Stubbs and it was so very tasty. As we’re always trying to mix things up, we tried a new flavor this time. I stuck my finger in the jar to get a little taste and decided to read the ingredients. After all, I’m supposed to be trying to be primal right now. Is there HFCS in this one? And there it was. Me licking my finger, and the ingredient list saying fermented wheat. *sigh* I’m already feeling shitty today, so I doubt a fingertip full is really going to have any effect on me. But it means the boy gets to eat all the ribs all by himself. Booooo. At least I realized this NOW rather than after dinner start wondering why I feel even worse. At least I still get french fries for dinner :)


3 Responses

  1. Hi GFP.

    Thanks for makin’ our sauces part of your dinner.

    While we now only make gluten free sauces, it sounds like you got one of the bottles that is working its way out of store inventories. Please send us an email at social |AT| stubbsbbq |DOT| com and we’ll get you a replacement of that flavor without the glutens.

    Thank you kindly,
    Stubb’s Legendary BBQ

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