High Temperature Eye of Round Roast

If you read the pumpkin brownie recipe yesterday, and you cared at all about the nutritional information, you should go back and see the correction. When I put the original into DailyBurn it was as 1/8th the recipe as a serving size. If you cut like me. You cut the dish in quarters one way, and then quarters the other way. This means there are 16 pieces, not 8. Oops. Either way, you can mod it to how you cut it.

Tonights meat course was High Temperature Eye of Round Roast. After a super full of fail roast a few months ago, I wasn’t holding my breath on this one. But as I just finished dinner, I can say it was quite good and will likely be how I make roast again if/when I find awesome ones on sale (as I did this weekend at Whole Foods). As I understand it, Eye of Round roasts are usually a cheaper cut of meat that if not treated correctly, can turn into shoe leather upon cooking (this is how my last roast turned out). This recipe? Divine! While I will agree with some commenters on the original recipe that the meat is NOT hot when you take it out, it is however cooked and tasty. I like my beef on the rare side of medium, so I made some modifications, also taking into account our gas stove.

Here’s how mine came out and below is how I did it.

High Temperature Eye of Round Roast
*This includes modifications for having a gas oven. You should read the original if you have an electric, or some other modification to your oven.
**My oven runs somewhere around 50 degrees hot. When I first checked the preheat, it was at 500. When I finally went to put the meat in, it was already up around 550. So my meat likely didn’t cook exactly according to plan. It still turned out fine.

1. Take your meat out of the fridge and unwrap it. You can just let it sit on the counter this way.
2. Preheat the oven to 500F. I suggest walking away for a bit to let the roast come up to close to room temperature and to let your oven preheat.
3. Place the roast in an appropriate sized oven vessel. Slather with olive oil. Season with salt, pepper and garlic powder.
4. Place the roast in the oven and turn the heat down to 475F.
5. Roast for 7 minutes per pound (so my 1.4 lb roast went in for a bit less than 10 min).
6. Turn the oven to 200F for 50 min. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR!! Resist the urge to check. All it will do is prematurely lower the temperature of your oven and for this technique, that is bad.
7. Turn the oven off for 40 min. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR!!
8. Remove. I just cut into mine and it looked fine. Slice and serve as desired.


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  1. It worked out like a charm! I made some roasted garlic while the oven was at 500 degrees and left it in there while the roast cooked- can’t wait to try this again.

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