Updated blog roll and recovering from nonprimal

After a night of very nonprimal eating and merry making, I’m actually feeling somewhat okay. Bizarrely, I woke up feeling fine, but am now feeling less fine a couple of hours later. And like I could use a nap.
This weekend, in some order or another, should include me starting a second worm bin (or perhaps figuring out how older bins should be maintained), end of season garden maintenance, repotting the indoor herbs we have and bringing in the basil from outside that hopefully is still even alive, do my woodworking class ‘homework’, fix the split leg for the bed frame I made, and oh, do the one thing that HAS to be done this weekend, work on my presentation for lab meeting on Monday, which is also my presentation for departmental seminar on Wed. *sigh* And it’s gorgeous outside.

In other news, I updated the blog roll on the side to be more representative of what I’ve been reading lately. I took down a few blogs that I no longer read or no longer feel represent what I believe in, and I’ve added a few primal blogs that I’ve started enjoying over the past month or so.

Off to find my motivation…


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