Link Love

I need to get some of these links off my tabs before I forget about them and close them without realizing.
Not all of these directly relate to each other on the surface, nor do they necessarily deal with diet and/or fitness and/or gluten free and/or primal, etc. But they work in my head for various reasons and hopefully some of you might find them interesting. I’ve got some more coming, but I need to process them in my head a bit better before I share them.

The US has it’s first Autistic Presidential appointee, Ari Ne’eman. The interview is a great read, but so are many of the comments (not all, but many). Being in the gluten free community, I’ve run across some discussion of autism, but this was a look into it that I’ve not had before. I babysat for a child when I was in my teens who likely had autism, and I wish I’d known these kinds of things then, as I very clearly remember wondering how I could help this child more and being frustrated that I had no clue.

Losing weight without self hatred from Low Carb Confidential. What I get out of this is be happy with who you are, even if you could use some improvements, be happy today with what you do have knowing that you are working on an even better you. I need to remember this on days like today, when the scale shows the results of my crappy food choice weekend.

Along the same lines (at least in my head), How much do you weigh emotionally? Despite what I feel are efforts to make an even better me, I can still see the physicsdiet graph on my screen that shows my weight is trending up again, almost to the numbers I was seeing before going to Costa Rica in May. Emotionally, I feel like a fat kid today and all I want to do is eat chocolate because of it. The stress of giving a departmental seminar on Wed I’m sure is not helping.

An interesting look at high fructose corn syrup, including a reason why calling it corn sugar might actually be a GOOD thing.

A really chilling public health campaign video. Definitely NOT light hearted. Unlike NYC’s new public health campaign against sugary drinks.



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