Udi’s white sandwich bread – product review

I think it’s time for me to start doing some product reviews. More in the ‘Hey, I found this tasty thing, you might want to try it to’ sort of way. Though I’m sure at some point I’ll also want to post a ‘Hey, this product sucks, don’t waste your money’ (and eating gluten free for 7.5 years, I’ve got a list of those).

First up: Udi’s gluten free white sandwich bread

I’ve been gluten free for 7.5 years. Up until a few years ago, I’d tried almost every gluten free bread on the market. I’ve also made bread at home my share number of times. This was of course before I just gave up on bread (for the most part). I’ve eaten my fair share of Ener-G Tapioca bread (hint: don’t waste your money). I’ve spent my $9 on Whole Foods sandwich bread (hint: makes great grilled cheese). But honestly, most gluten free breads suck. They need to be kept refrigerated or frozen, else they go bad QUICKLY. And they have to be toasted to be edible, which I don’t really like for regular sandwiches. But really when you get down to it, it’s often a lot of money to spend on a very dissatisfying product. Hence why I don’t/didn’t buy bread often.

Not Udi’s white sandwich bread. This stuff is addictive. In a very VERY bad way (especially if I’m trying to cut down on refined carbs). The bread is sold frozen, which had me worried with the first loaf I purchased. But you can let it thaw, and then? *It can stay on the counter for upwards of a WEEK without growing fungus!!* And the second best part? You don’t have to toast it for it to be edible. In fact, to me, it triggers standard white bread memories (which are vague, and not to be trusted likely). But the single best thing about this bread? It’s actually edible. It makes me want to make sandwiches again. On a regular basis. I grew up packing my lunch every day for school. Sandwich, cookies, banana, homemade iced tea. Pretty much from elementary school all the way through high school. I love me some sandwiches.

Summary: If you’re looking for good edible from the bag gluten free bread, buy Udi’s. I think I’ve spent about $5.65 or so on a loaf, and the loaves are small, but for a once in a while let’s have sandwiches thing, this is now the only bread I buy.


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