Wood Chuck Pumpkin Cider – product review

If I don’t do this one tonight, I might forget. And then you might miss this product, if you haven’t already.

I’m a fan of Wood Chuck Cider. I generally buy their Amber for gatherings where I’ll want a bottled beverage, but will happily consume the 802 variety too. The others? Bleh. No thanks. Especially the pear and the granny smith.

This season was the first season that Wood Chuck has experimented with a Private Reserve run of Pumpkin Cider. Holy yumminess! This stuff was good. I let it warm up slightly like the bottom of the box suggested (perhaps I’ve also been listening to the beer drinking Man Beast a bit and actually absorbing the fact that beers aren’t meant to be drank stone cold directly from the fridge).

This has been my favorite cider thus far. Out of all the ciders I’ve tried. There was depth and complexity of flavor. I enjoyed the 6th bottle just as much as the first (though I didn’t drink them all in one night). It’s definitely still a cider, but I enjoyed the additional flavors and the definite smell memories of pumpkin type desserts. The down side? They only ran a very small batch and I’ve only been able to find this at one local store (Woodman’s on the west side in case you’re interested). Unfortunately I don’t venture to that area of town often and I haven’t found it elsewhere, so there is the possibility that the one 6 pack I picked up a couple of weeks ago will be the only one I get. Perhaps this weekend I’ll have to look for more. You should too. Unless you’re in Madison. I don’t want competition after all ;)


2 Responses

  1. omg. must find. I heart woodchuck!

  2. Just got it. DELISH.

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