Easy chili

Ok, and to balance my last post that was likely completely irrelevant to many of you and having honestly little to do with this blog other than me having space to vent, here’s a recipe. For me, this is one of those recipes that I don’t even normally think about and is why I haven’t posted it before. I’ve been making it for probably more than 10 years and I think might have been one the first recipes I learned when I still lived with my parents. So maybe going on 15 years? It’s so ingrained in me that I don’t even have to think about it. I try to almost always have the ingredients on hand as my just in case food. It’s also really easy to modify.

Quick and Easy Chili

First, how I made it last night:

1. Brown 1 lb ground lamb in a bit of canola oil.
2. Drain fat.
3. Add 1 can stewed tomatoes and 1 can of rinsed black beans. Break up the tomato chunks with your cooking utensil.
4. Add 2 T sugar and 2 T plus medium chili powder.
5. Cook over medium heat for 10 or so min.
6. Serve over corn tortillas with sour cream on top.

That’s it. Seriously.
You can do this with any kind of ground meat. I usually use turkey, but we really liked it with ground lamb and I likely make it again this way. I don’t personally care for ground beef in this, but if thats my only option, I’ll certainly eat it.
You can use different kinds of beans. My mom (and hence I) made it with kidney beans. I find I like the black beans better now.
If you like it spicy, you can use spicier chili powder, you can add more chili powder, or you can just add extra cayenne pepper. My parents don’t care for overly spicy food, so not only would my mom make this bland, we’d also eat it with Ritz spread with butter. I like my food a bit on the spicier side, but I also serve it with sour cream and/or cheese. I’ve been using Penzy’s medium chili powder, and it seems to be decent. I’m not sold on it enough yet that I’ll definitely buy it again, but its better than some of the other chili powders I’ve bought recently. Perhaps next time I’ll try their hot version.


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