Montys Blue Plate Diner

We had dinner at Monty’s Blue Plate Dinner last night. The ManBeast was in the mood for “American” food, in other words, a burger. A search on Yelp turned up Monty’s with a few good reviews that their food was actually decent. Add in a gluten free menu (pdf), and we decided to give it a try.

I knew before we even got there that I wanted the BBQ bacon cheddar burger on a gluten free bun. The first disappointment was the fries. I know to ask whether fries are truly gluten free, or if they are fried with other foods in the fryer. As it was Friday, the fries were not actually gluten free, because they also fry their fish fry in the same oil on Fridays. I was a bit disappointed that this was not mentioned on the menu. But as we have a deep fryer at home and the ManBeast has figured out how to make good fries, I wasn’t too bummed.

Turns out the ManBeast and I both wanted the same burger. Expect he got his with waffle fries and a regular ‘bun’. I got mine with a gluten free ‘bun’ and cole slaw. We both also had iced teas. After the exchange with the waiter about the fries, I was a bit hesitant about the bun. He went a double checked that they even ‘still have them’ and came back to tell me it was actually rice bread. Now, if you’re gluten free, you probably would have had the same reaction I did, rice BREAD? That’s not a bun! And is it even edible? He informed me that the bread was from a local bakery, the Silly Yak bakery, so I decided to give it a go. Might as well since it didn’t cost me any extra and leaving it off wouldn’t have saved me any money.

I like how Eating in Madison A to Z reviews their burgers, so I’ll do the same here:
* Bun: Not really a bun, actually 2 pieces of thick bread, VERY lightly toasted.
* Meat: Perfectly medium rare, local meat, tasted like quality ground beef.
* Bun/meat ratio: Reasonable, though when the waiter asked me what I thought about the bread, I suggested that it could be toasted a bit more and would likely hold up better that way. However, the whole thing ratio, with the cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato made it a bit overwhelming to pick up and get a good bite of everything all at once.
* Cheese: Supposedly there was cheddar, and I did see it, but I’m not sure I ever actually tasted the cheese.
* Misc.: The bacon and chipotle mayonnaise really made the burger for me and gave it a flavor I really liked. I might even say that the onions added to the flavor in a positive way.
*Gluten: I can only guess everything must have actually been gluten free, as a day later, I have no symptoms of a glutening. I think this might be the first burger I’ve eaten out WITH a ‘bun’.
Overall: 8 out of 10.

Between the two of us, we spent about $23 including tip. I’d give the place a good solid B. I’d definitely be open to going back, but with how many other restaurants there are in Madison, there are plenty of other places that I still want to try too.


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