Stubbs BBQ sauce

When I wrote this post about a month ago, I didn’t expect anything out of it. I didn’t write the post to bash Stubbs (the BBQ sauce that almost glutened me). I didn’t write to kevetch about ‘Why me?’. I just wrote it as a reminder that when you have Celiac Disease, you need to always read labels. Even if four flavors of something are gluten free, it doesn’t mean the fifth one will also be gluten free.

A couple of weeks after I wrote that post, Stubbs somehow got a hold of the post and wrote me asking for my information. They said they would be happy to send me a ‘replacement bottle’. Apparently they just reformulated all their BBQ sauces to be gluten free and I must have gotten an older bottle. So I emailed them back and off went my information to them.

Monday night when the ManBeast and I were in the grocery store we doubled checked the sauces. Sure enough, four of the flavors on the shelf were gluten free, but the smokey mesquite was still the old version with fermented wheat in it.

I wasn’t really expecting much. If anything, a coupon to buy a free bottle. To me that would have likely been the cost effective way to do this. Especially since I hadn’t complained to them about it or requested anything from them.

So when I got home yesterday, I was a bit shocked to find a large package waiting for me. Inside, I found this:

All five flavors of their BBQ sauce, gluten free, two cozies, and a small toy football! I am still absolutely shocked. I really wish other companies would do customer service like this. We already liked Stubbs BBQ sauce, but now they’ve probably made fans of us for a long time to come (assuming of course their sauces stay gluten free). To top it all off I got a nice hand written note apologizing for me getting a gluten filled bottle. The last sentence though is my favorite: “Hope you feel better and that these GF bottles bring you some love and happiness.”

If you see Stubbs BBQ sauce in your grocery store, I really do recommend you try one. They are quite tasty and not filled with crap like many other brands. We’ll be making ribs with probably a few of these bottles. When we open the next bottle, I’ll be sure to post a true product review for you all.

Thanks Stubbs!


3 Responses

  1. that’s awesome! I love companies with good customer service. How awesome of them to go and search you out.

  2. […] flavors to be gluten free back in July, but some places are still working through back stock. Read here and here to get the full back story on why I’m writing this […]

  3. So glad you received the package safely. We hope you love every bit of it. Thanks for giving us a shot, and sharing our sauces with your family.

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