Butternut squash with pecans and vanilla

Simply Recipes is known for some pretty solid recipes, and her Butternut squash with walnuts and vanilla was no exception. I made some changes based on what we had on hand and how I know we like to eat. This was served with the ribs I mentioned in the previous post along with a baked sweet potato with cinnamon butter. It was quite tasty and has left me full for a majority of the evening (though I also did sample the ‘dessert’ I made).

Butternut squash with pecans and vanilla
This is how I did it and a few of my notes.

1. Preheat your oven to 400F.
2. Peal and chop the remainder of the butternut squash you have from making crimini butternut sqush risotto. Pealing and chopping a butternut squash is kind of a bitch. Be patient and take your time.
3. Toss the squash with some olive oil and a bit of salt. Enough to coat but not drench the squash pieces.
4. Roast squash for 30-40 min and realize it isn’t browning. As dinner will be ready soon, just go with it.
5. In a deep skillet, cast iron in my case, brown a cup plus of pecan pieces.
6. Belt in 3 T butter.
7. Add a small knob of chopped finger, maybe the size of your thumb tip, from the first joint.
8. Add 1 t vanilla and about 1/2 t lemon juice.
9. Add 1/2 t thyme (or maybe a bit more?).
10. Add in another T butter and serve.


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