“deep dish” pizza

The ManBeast and I celebrated our one year anniversary tonight. Awwwww.
gaggaggag. I hate sappy shit.

I’ve been wanting pizza since being in Chicago a couple of weeks ago with pizza eating coworkers. The ManBeast has a fondness for all things pizza. Me? Not so much. I’m a purest. I grew up on Long Island. To me, pizza should be relatively flat. I should be able to fold the slice in half with one hand and eat it folded as such. It should ooze a bit of cheese grease, but not too much. None of this bready shit.
But than ManBeast? He suggested we try making deep dish pizza. So I gave it a go. Because, honestly, gluten free pizza never measures up to what I think pizza should be any way. It never sates the New Yorker in me. Much like gluten free bagels. Close, but not quite.

I contemplated trying a new recipe, but the suggestion was to use the pizza recipe we normally use, just not split it in two, and put it in a deep dish pizza dish instead. So while we were out and about today we picked up a 14″ round deep dish pizza pan. I made the pizza dough as normal. I sprayed down the pizza dish with canola oil and then sprinkled in millet flour so that the dough wouldn’t stick. I did my damnedest to spread out the dough to the edges of the dish, which was tough but got there eventually. I even did my best at making the little lip on the edge to hold the topping. I even let the pizza dough rise for 20 min. *gasp* And at 20 min, it all looked good. The dough had risen quite a bit. It filled the pan. Everything looked good. I brushed olive oil over the top and popped in the oven for 15 min. After 15 min, when I checked it, it wasn’t looking quite deep dish like. The edges had pulled away from the sides, and it wasn’t very… deep. Oh well, we went with it. Topped it, baked it some more, and now there is only one piece left sitting in the pan. Nothing too special. But considering there is only once piece left, that tells you what we thought of the pizza.

We topped off our celebration with a bottle of pinot noir from Trader Joe’s and watched “The Infidel” (which I also highly recommend if you like movies with religious humor, movies about finding oneself and coming to terms with reality). All in all, I’d say a good way to cap off a restful Saturday and one official year with the ManBeast.


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  1. Chicago style pizza is the BEST. We have to make our own these days too. DH usually just uses standard bread dough for it.

    We usually put cornmeal on the bottom to keep from sticking.

    Definitely keep trying to perfect it– even failures are always delicious.

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