Product Review – Back to Nature Sesame Seed Rice Thins

Today has been one of those days. I woke up RAVENOUSLY hungry. As in, ate twice what I normally do for breakfast and was still hungry. Yet full all at the same time. Annoying, especially since this has happened to me before and I don’t know how or why or what to really do about it. I’ve also had a headache since before I woke up, which this morning I attributed to being hungry, but it hasn’t gone away despite caffeine, food, water, and naproxen. I also don’t apparently have my preferred migraine medication with me, so it looks like I’ll have to suffer until I get home. I have last resort migraine medication with me, but like I call it, I use it as a last resort. I’d be out for about two hours if I take it. No thanks, I’d like to finish the DNA extractions I started.

So here I sit, shoveling more food into my face (the below reviewed crackers and peanut butter) in a continuing attempt to not feel hungry while my DNA pellets, hoping against all hopes that my head will just stop it all ready.

Back to Nature – Sesame Seed Rice Things – Gluten Free Crackers
The ManBeast saw these on the shelf at the grocery store a few weeks ago, and as I’m a sucker for trying new products, I bought them. Apparently they aren’t new; doing a google search I found reviews from 2006. But based on what those said, what I’m guessing is new is the ‘Certified Gluten-Free’ stamp they now carry. For those who aren’t versed in this type of certification, it’s a way for us Celiacs to know that the product has met certain testing thresholds and is certified to contain below a certain amount of gluten (10 ppm). When I see this stamp, I can rest assured that the product is truly gluten free.

Long story short, if you’re looking for a rice thin, these are as good as any. Crisp, not overly flavorful in any odd way, even the sesame flavor isn’t overpowering. Edible. In other words, nothing special. If you’re looking for a cracker? Keep looking. I’d suggest the ones Glutino puts out. These aren’t really crackers in any sense of what I think of when I hear the word cracker. Today though, they are a fabulous peanut butter delivery mechanism.

If you like rice thins, these ‘cracker’s are for you. If you’re not fond of rice thins in general, don’t waste your money, these taste just like the rest of them do.


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