Liquor laws

Food politics is something that frustrates me. A LOT. Add in laws about not having to label liquor with ingredients, and I end up near rage while in the liquor section of the grocery store. Every wonder why liquor doesn’t have the same labeling as EVERY OTHER FOOD ITEM?? Marion Nestle has a short piece on the laws behind this stupidity. Damn Puritanical history.

Reading this though reminded me to send a *second* request to Trader Vic’s to see if their Kona coffee liquor is gluten free. I’d also love to know what’s in their Amaretto, as the stuff tastes to me like it has artificial flavors in it. It’s making me wonder if that’s why I’ve had a lingering headache for two days straight now.

Apparently General Mills has something in the pipes for new products, but all the reviews I can find from the 11 bloggers who were invited to GM are well written and mum on what is in the works. It is nice to hear the confirmation though that this company is trying to do it the smart way, and actually listening to those of us with Celiac disease. I’ve been fortunate to not react to the products from them that I’ve tried. But hearing that they haven’t been the most mindful about cross contamination makes me glad that I try to stick to whole foods rather than processed. But I do still have a box of Honey Nut Chex calling my name at home…


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