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Despite getting two plates of sequencing out today, my hands are doing ok. Its my arms that still hurt from doing push ups Saturday! We’re a week in over at r/90daysgoal and my goal is to get moving more (sound familiar?). I’m hoping with daily check ins and motivation that I might actually be able to do this. I’m aiming for at least 80% success (as in, move more on 72 days of those 90). The fun thing I thought of last night… I’ve been wanting a new monitor. Using my MacBook is sufficient, but tiny. And it’s not like I don’t have the money. I just can’t justify buying more crap. So I think I’ve decided that if I can hit 90%, then I can buy a new monitor in February when this challenge is done. After all, if I can wait that long, it means I really want it, will have done something to earn it, and then it would fit in with my financial principles :)
Speaking of which, good time to go walk the stairs…

Some link love for you today.

There’s been some confusion in the gluten free world about whether all wines are truly gluten free. While I would still suggest you follow your body’s reaction, No gluten, No problem does a good job explaining why the vast majority of wines are indeed gluten free, even if they do come into contact with gluten, and why you shouldn’t worry about it. But I’ll add the caveat that if you think you react to a wine, then don’t drink that kind again!

Paleochix have a fabulous post about weight today. I fall squarely in the skinny fat side of things. I’ve always been slender, but that isn’t a measure of my good health. In fact, I’d say being slender is about the only thing I’ve got going for me. And is why I want to get moving more. I can feel my sedentary lifestyle slowly catching up with me and I’d rather do something about it now than wait until it’s a real problem

I LOVE the video post on The Art of Nonconformity today. While I’ve certainly been known to march to the beat of my own drummer, it isn’t always a good thing. I’m just thick headed like that.

And a book that I want oh so much after being reinspired by Maggie today. I haven’t added any new fruits to my list in a few weeks. I should get on that.

Thar be leprechauns in the boat house!


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  1. Thank you for such a sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciate hearing that. I’m excited to have discovered your blog and I’ll definitely be exploring. :-)

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