Lamb shoulder roast

Here’s the lamb recipe I mentioned the other day.

This came out DIVINE. The ManBeast said it was a make again and I concurred. The lamb shoulder roast even came from Bucky Butchery. While I’m not sure I want to make lamb shoulder roast again, I will use this general recipe for future cuts of lamb roast or other roast cuts of meat from other animals. Why not this cut again? For a 3.6 lb cut of meat, there was A LOT of bone, and we really only got about 4-5 servings of meat out of it. At $4 a pound, this isn’t too bad, but not something I’m sure I want to deal with again. I will use the bones to make a small batch of lamb stock, but this just seemed like a lot of work for not much meat. For the amounts in step 5, you’ll see two amounts. The regular text is what I suggest you use. The amounts in parentheses is what I actually used and felt was way too much. But this will likely vary based on how big of a roast you have.

Roasted lamb shoulder roast
1. Take your meat out of the fridge and let it warm up a bit. Ours was 3.6 lb.
2. Preheat the oven to 450F.
3. While those two things are happening, prep your flavorings.
4. Mash together 3 cloves of garlic and fresh rosemary from 2-3 sprigs.
5. Separately mix together
1/4 c lemon juice (1/2c)
2 T olive oil (4 T)
1.5 t chopped garlic (1 T)
1.5 t chopped fresh rosemary (1 T)
1/2 t salt (1 t)
1/2 t pepper (1 t)
6. Cut 1″ slits around your roast in various spots. Don’t go nuts, but make sure you’ve got plenty spread through out.
7. Fill the slits with the garlic/rosemary mash.
8. Baste the roast with the lemon juice mixture and put the whole shebang in the oven.
9. Get a phone call that your car is not functioning and likely needs to be towed. Turn down the oven temp to 350F and go see your baby get dragged out of the parking garage and get flat bedded away. Fall on ice in the process of dealing with the car.
10. Come home two hours later to a perfectly cooked roast.

I saw a few different numbers for what temperature lamb is done at. I believe I pulled mine out around 130F and it was fine for us. Still a bit pink, but definitely cooked. We served it with home made french fries.


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