Eating perfect paleo/primal for a week?

The ManBeast leaves for a conference Saturday. I get almost an entire week all to myself. Cook as I see fit. Read as I see fit. Sleep taking up the whole bed. WEEEEEE!!!

As those of you who have been here a while will know, I’ve been toying with primal for a few months now, but for various reasons, haven’t fully jumped on board. I want to use the opportunity of the ManBeast being out of town to eat as primal/paleo as I can. 100% if I an do it. I know it isn’t long a long trial run, but it’s the best I can do right now without having to worry about anyone else. I need suggestions on what specifically to eat.

We already know I’m already gluten free, so cutting out gluten isn’t an issue. I’ve been working on cutting down on sugar, and I’d like to think I’m getting better (I’m down to less than a teaspoon of sugar in my coffee in the morning! And 80% dark chocolate now tastes too sweet! But please ignore the TWO chocolate sprinkled pecan bars I had yesterday). I am already a fan of whole milk dairy, use cream in my coffee, and buy whole milk plain yogurt. The thing I struggle with is cutting down/out potatoes, white rice and corn. We know I’m not afraid of vegetables and I love to cook. So I’m giving myself permission to spend whatever, as one weeks worth of eating is not going to destroy my budget. And since I’m a grad student, no one really cares when I show up to do my own research, and when I leave, so time isn’t an issue.

So what should I eat next week? Any specific meal suggestions? Any recipes that you just love but don’t always have time for? I want to use this week of not having someone else around relying on what I make to give primal eating the most wholehearted try I can.


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