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There are a few recent posts in the blog-o-sphere that I’d really like to share.

If you liked my recipe for Never get dry skin moisturizer, odds are high you’ll also love Elana’s DIY foot balm and Food Renegade’s Homemade chapped lip balm. I don’t really use foot balm, but I’ll be testing that lip balm recipe out this weekend. I’ve got everything I need to make it, and since the ManBeast will be out of town, I can make a mess in the kitchen with nonfood stuff, and no one will care (not that he cares any way, and I’m the one who also cleans up the kitchen any way…).

The Art of Gluten Free Baking posted a great argument for why baking by volume at home is perfectly fine. I won’t name names, but I find this movement of YOU MUST BAKE BY WEIGHT TO GET GOOD RESULTS to be pretentious and completely unnecessary. As the post mentioned discusses, on a small scale, the difference is negligible for the home baker. And as a scientist, I get why people think baking by weight is important, but as someone who makes microbiology growth media regularly, I despise the idea of having to weigh out ingredients at home.

Also from Elana comes a fabulously simple recipe for chocolate bark that I might also try this weekend. Dark chocolate? Pistachios? Sea salt? I am so there.

Primal Muse has a great post discussing the non-gut related stuff gluten can do to a body. I’m still working through some of the links and references he mentioned, but I think he is spot on. You don’t NEED a diagnosis of celiac to benefit from cutting gluten from your diet, but I’d suggest you get tested just in case (and once my comment is approved, you’ll be able to read why I think that way, which I don’t think would be anything new for anyone who reads this site). As someone whose main symptoms of a glutening are migraines and acid reflux, I know all too well the Other things gluten can do to a body.

And if you’re looking for a cute WTF moment, NPR has a great video that asks, Can Ants Count?

Last, but not least, You don’t need to feel like shit for feeling like shit. Something I wish more people would take to heart.


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