Dinner for one

While I am making the Wine Braised Chuck Roast, it didn’t get in the oven until after 5, and there is no way I could wait until 8:30 to eat dinner. Since I never ate the second lamb arm shoulder chop from dinner last night, I figured that could become dinner, and the chuck roast will just be lunch and such for a few days.

Dinner was the left over broiled lamb shoulder chop with a pan wine sauce (adapted from Joy of Cooking, which I likely won’t write up, since it wasn’t really anything special or noteworthy), brussel sprouts, and left over curry sweet potato gratin. Quite tasty all around and I am left full and sated.

This evening I need to get down to do some worm bin maintenance and do some general cleaning around the apartment. Oh, and I’m making chocolate bark tonight to share with friends tomorrow.


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