GF – back pain edition

I’ve been laid up since last night with severe back pain. I’ve done nothing but lie around all day. Ibuprofen didn’t touch it. Naproxen didn’t touch it. Heat and ice help, but having to get up to get them to switch up is painful. Walking is painful. Most sitting positions are painful. Thankfully I can lay on my stomach with relative ease, it just hurts, my upper body to prop myself up like this.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get a daal recipe up for you all. Tasty. Gluten free. Vegan. Sadly not paleo/primal.

If I’m worse tomorrow, I’ve promised myself a trip to the ER. Same by Sunday, urgent care. Hoping to be able to hold off until Monday, but we’ll see. Looks like urgent care might be open normal hours Sunday, so perhaps I’ll go any way. Nothing I do seems to help. *sigh* Happy Saturday. Merry Christmas. Joyous Yule.


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  1. oh no! That sucks :-( I hope you feel better soon.

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