500 Fruits: update #6

As I put up my 2011 to do list the other day, I thought it might be helpful to also update my fruit list here, as one of the things I’d like to do is try 100 new fruits this year. The hard thing though, is that I lost my printed out fruit list. When I do a major update to my spreadsheet, I print out a new version, fold it up nice, and stick it in the little card holder on my key chain. This way I can remember what I’ve had when I’m standing in the store, and I have a place to hand write new fruits. Thankfully I only ‘lost’ 9 fruits. Well, 8 of them because I can’t remember 8 of the 9 I know I had hand written on my list. For whatever reason I remember having the meyer lemon. I have a feeling a few of them were pear and apple variants. Oh well, it just means I get to have them again. Just in case. So I ended 2010 at 79 (quince was the last one). And I’m off to a good start in 2011, as I’ve already had four more, and I’ve got kumquats sitting in the fridge. Here’s my up to date list. I also added that #1 started May 2010. And #80 starts 2011.

39 Africot, Black Velvet
82 apple, arkansas black
67 apple, cortland
64 apple, crab
81 apple, haralson
72 apple, honey crisp
80 apple, northern spy (2011)
65 apple, paula red
61 apple, WI gala
14 Apricot
26 Asian pear
17 Avocado
6 Banana
44 banana, red
31 Blackberries
18 Blueberries
58 cactus fruit
29 Cantaloupe
46 cherries, dark sweet
28 cherries, Rainier
38 cherries, sweet red
37 Clementine
77 cranberry
70 date, medjool
51 eggplant
56 gooseberries
32 Grapefruit
50 grapes, black
55 grapes, concord
20 grapes, green seedless
10 Grapes, seedless red
5 Guanabana
7 kiwifruit
52 lemon
78 lemon, meyer
34 lime
42 lychee nuts
62 mandarin, daisy
2 Mango
60 mango-nectarine
53 melon, horn
47 melon, sprite
36 mulberries
15 Nectarine
41 nectarine, white
83 orange, blood
12 orange, navel
4 Papaya
9 passion fruit
11 Peach
54 peach, donut
43 pear, bartlett
24 pear, D’anjou
76 pear, Harrow’s delight
30 pear, Packham’s Triumph
27 Pear, red Anjou
73 pear, seckel
63 pear, star krimson
71 pear, tosca
25 pepper, bell (red)
33 pepper, jalapeno
74 persimmon
35 pineapple
22 plum, black
48 plum, dapple dandy
66 plum, egg
3 Plum, purple
21 Plum, red
45 plum, yellow
23 Pluot
40 Pluot, Red Velvet
75 pomegranate
59 prune plum
79 quince
13 Raspberries
57 star fruit
8 strawberries
19 tomato, grape
69 tomato, heirloom
68 tomato, roma
16 tomato, vine on
1 Watermelon (May, 2010)
49 zucchini


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