Political activism – getting the facts down

Our public schools are CLOSED today due to a massive teacher call out.

The University’s budget site actually has some helpful links that provide (at least for me) some much needed information.

My favorite: Biddy is saying tuition remission will NOT be affected by Walker’s Budget Repair Bill. I took a screen shot, just in case.

They’ve also put together a document detailing the changes in health insurance costs. So mine would go from $18 to $42.

In all, I should make it clear that I actually support certain measures of the repair bill. Paying a little more for my health care? I’d actually be okay with that. And I think people having to pay more of the retirement contributions is fine too (not that I even get that option as a Research Assistant). My problem with Walker’s bill is the removal of collective bargaining rights and the requirement for making unions recertify EVERY YEAR. I don’t see what these have to do with closing a budget short fall. Now hopefully some more Wisconsin State Senators will agree with. *fingers crossed*

But really, what it comes down to, is Walker has created his own crisis. We were supposed to end the budget cycle with a SURPLUS, and then Walker pushed through measures that not only abolished that surplus, but also put us in the red. Walker, you really are an asshole. Oh, and the federal transportation funding we receive? “The measure by Gov. Scott Walker would strip most union rights away from most public employees. That could put in danger federal aid for buses because U.S. law requires that collective bargaining rights remain in place to get federal funds, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.”

The University of Wisconsin-Madison College Republicans are idiots if they really believe Walker ISN’T attacking the University. And if I can find the link, I’ll post it, but the state CAN’T remove kids from the Medicaid rosters.

An Inexperience Leader has a nice rebuttal to the College Republicans nonsense.

The wonderful people of our UW Extension put together a Next steps for the state budget repair bill on how the process is supposed to work.

This is what Walker sent employees of the UW to begin with. I’m not sure if he realizes the impact of his words are not actually what he is saying. Saying you aren’t attacking the university and then proposing a bill to completely demolish our benefits are kind of at opposite ends of the spectrum.

You can still go join in the rally today. If I didn’t have 70 DNA samples that needed diluting and PCRing, then I think I would actually go. Stupid research.

If you’re looking for FB groups to join to get up to date information, these are the ones I’ve found thus far:
540,000 to see Scott Walker out of WI, January 2012
Wisconsin State Workers against Scott Walker
Governor Scott Walker Sucks
Scott Walker is a Douchebag

That’s it for now. I’ve got lab meeting in 20 minutes and some DNA samples that need my attention.


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  1. thanks for keeping me in the loop! I’ve been watching this quite a bit — it’s big news here in Minnesota. We actually do have a budget shortfall issue, and I’m glad we have a governor who won’t pull a stunt like this.

    I especially like the editorial you linked. I’ve heard from more than once source that it’s Walker’s fault there’s even a deficit. WTF, I say, wtf. I hope people pay attention to this crap when the next election cycle rolls around.

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