For your viewing pleasure

As a fan of Jon Stewart, I hate to say it, but he did a shitty job covering whats happening in WI. And who ever does his research needs to do a little better of a job. Our senators left because they CAN’T FILIBUSTER.

Last week the state assembly tried to pull a fast one and vote on the bill not only before the democrats arrived (on time no less) but before any amendments had been discussed. Rep. Baraca did a great job ripping into them. This was before Gordon Hintz ripped state assembly republicans a new one too.

Rachel Maddow, who I had not watched with any seriousness before, has been doing a great job covering whats been happening here. Walker did this all before as Milwaukee Co executive. He FIRED union security guards at County buildings, and then replaced them with a private FOREIGN company. A company that doesn’t have the greatest reputation. You should just watch. I can’t do this one justice:


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