What can you do?

Rather than sit and needlessly argue with idiots on the internet about things that we in the end agree about, I thought I’d come up with a constructive list of things people can do rather than needlessly arguing on the internet. To keep it shorter, I’m going to make it specifically about the issues here in Wisconsin, but the basic principles apply to any community in the US.

This list is in no particular order.

1. Go vote in the next election. And then the one after that. And the one after that. If you live in Wisconsin, you can go to the State of Wisconsin Voter Public Access Site to find your polling location, who your current elected officials are, and a sample ballot for the next election. Our next election is April 5th. This is a democracy people, and if you don’t like the people in office, do your civic duty to get them out and someone else in there.

2. Contact your current elected officials. Think they should know what you think about an issue? Think they aren’t doing a good job representing you? Think they are doing a fabulous job representing you? Call, email, or snail mail them and tell them so.

It took me less time to write that email than it will for me to write this post. Hopefully it will bring a smile to someone’s face and it lets Senator Risser know that I think he rocks!

3. Talk to your friends, families, and coworkers about the issues. I’m surrounded daily by people who think pretty much the same as I do on the problems Wisconsin is currently facing, but they aren’t always up to date on what is happening or what has happened. Take the time to talk about the facts. And encourage people to talk to their families about it too.

4. Speak with your wallet. This can be a few different things. Donate to groups doing work you agree with (ACLU, Democratic party, etc). This can also be supporting businesses that support what you believe in. This doesn’t have to be a lot of money. While $5 might barely effect your finances, $5 from a bunch of people adds up. Of course, if you can give more, go for it. This also means avoiding places that are openly against what you believe in (Menards, Walmart, I’m looking at you).

5. Pay your taxes. Seriously. Yes it sucks that some rich assholes think they are above the law and it means the rest of us have to shoulder a bit more burden then we really should have to. Hopefully karma will be a bitch to them. But in the mean time, if you are caught not paying your taxes, it is you who will pay the consequence for that action. Besides, your taxes support things like teachers, snow plow drivers, police, and all those things people are up at the capitol chanting about having funding taken away from.

6. Follow the law. Just like 5, yes it sucks that certain people (Republican senators and representatives I’m looking at you) think they are above the law (and yes, Walker, I’m looking at you too), but much like taxes, if you don’t follow the law and you get caught, it’s you who will pay the price, not the others. Want to rally and march around the Capitol Building? Great, file for permits. Want to be heard at a public hearing at the Capitol? Great, put your name down and stand in line. Don’t be an ass just because you think you have a right to be one.

7. Volunteer. Whether this is volunteering with a political campaign or to be legal observer with the ACLU. You could also help out the groups that are looking to recall Walker or the recall the 8 Wisconsin Republican Senators.

8. Really don’t like how things are going? Well, you’ve essentially got two options left then. Move out of the country, or run for office and we’ll see how much better of a job you do.

If I missed something, let me know and I’ll add it in.


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