This is NOT what democracy looks like

This is NOT what democracy looks like.

Yesterday when I left work on the 5:30 bus, things on the political front were kind of quiet. But I arrived home to a fire storm. Yesterday, our senate republicans created a new committee, it met, voted on a modified version of the budget repair bill, and then the senate voted on it. In an afternoon. No 24 hours notice as per open meetings laws in Wisconsin. No discussion. Nothing. Just a BUDGET repair bill, stripped of most things fiscal, and then voted on with less than a quorum of senators.

What really interests me at this point is, who do these senators look at themselves in the mirror at night after days like this? How have their families been treating them? I’d really LOVE to know what the thought process is that goes on in their heads when they pull bullshit like this.

When local elected officials need to leave amidst heavy police presence to cries of ‘shame’ and ‘you lied, you lied to Wisconsin’ and lots of booing, to me that says they should really know that what they are doing is WRONG.


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