Vintage Brewing Company – restaurant review

I don’t hold out much hope for brewing companies. My experience with them thus far has ranged from mediocre to poor at best. But the ManBeast really wanted to try a sandwich at Vintage Brewing Company on Whitney Way. Being a ribs person, I was interested to see what they offered. So this afternoon I called to see if their ribs were indeed gluten free. The person who answered my phone call assured me they were, but just to order it without corn bread, and to make sure our server knew that I needed a gluten free meal.

When we got there close to 7pm this evening, the bar area was packed. I guess it’s popular with the after work ‘happy hour’ crowd. We only waited about 20 minutes for our table, not long enough to even order a drink and finish it. The ManBeast and I both knew what we wanted, so ordering was quick. He ordered the grilled cheese cheese burger with a side of steak fries, and I ordered a full rack of ribs with the maple whipped sweet potatoes and the slaw. Our server was professional and prompt, making sure we were well taken care of without being overbearing.

Our food was delivered promptly, and I was impressed that the person who brought our food out knew to ask ‘Who has the gluten free ribs?’ Turns out, they change gloves in the back when prepping gluten free meals. That gave me a bit more confidence. Afterall, brewing companies are not known for keeping the gluten out of things. The ManBeast’s grilled cheese cheese burger also looked quite impressive.

This is the one time I wish I was more of a photographer, so I could show you what our food looked like. Not that it looked like anything special, but so I could show you what delicious food looks like. Give you some visual food porn to go along with these words. The ribs were incredibly succulent fall off the bone slightly sweet but incredibly smokey. In other words, exactly how I like my ribs. I was easily able to just pull the bones out, and suck off the extra BBQ sauce. The maple whipped sweet potatoes were very buttery and bizarrely light and fluffy, in a way I wasn’t expecting sweet potatoes to ever be. The slaw was nothing impressive.

The ManBeast was quite content with his grilled cheese cheese burger. If I could eat gluten, it is the kind of menu item I would try just to try (plus my slight obsession with grilled cheese). His comment was that with a second burger, this could easily be a Man v. Food challenge. The entire plate plus fries in under a 1/2 hour would be difficult to do, simply because of the amount of carbs on the plate.

All told, with tax and tip, our food came to $42 and drinks to $25. The two glasses of wine (merlot and malbec) I had were nothing impressive, though they were definitely decent. The ManBeast said the IPA he ordered first got better the more he drank it, but that the second (I think the strong Scotch ale, though it could have been the Belgian pale ale) was better.

All together, this is a place we’ll be back to. Hopefully with friends. The atmosphere was great. The seating area was roomy, and not so incredibly loud that the ManBeast and I couldn’t have a great conversation about science (what? what else did you think we talk about?). As I told someone on facebook, we give it the best rating we can: the, we’ll be back, rating.


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