Braswell’s Raspberry vinaigrette – product review

I’m still eating salads every day for lunch. You can imagine that occasionally I need to change up the dominate flavors in that salad, and the easiest way for me to do that is to change the dressing I’m using. Last week, between trying to save a few bucks to avoid buying olive oil until I got paid, and needing a new dressing flavor, I scanned through the salad dressing aisle at the grocery store. You can imagine that between requiring a gluten product and my propensity to avoid ‘processed’ foods, it was a bit difficult to find a dressing that not only sounded good, but also fit my ingredients requirement.

Hidden on a bottom shelf, way off to the side of the massive quantities of salad dressing offerings at Woodmans, I found a few bottles of Braswell’s salad dressings. The raspberry vinaigrette sounded good, and seemed to fit my requirements. Home with me it came.

I’m not sure why I didn’t realize it while I was in the store, but this dressing has no oil in it. And well, the oil in my salad dressing is often the major source of fat for my daily salad. Something that I think is essential to my daily functioning. So I was a bit disappointed in this dressing. It was indeed raspberry flavored and it had a reasonable consistency. The poppy seeds in the dressing seemed to be merely decoration, as I never tasted anything poppy flavored. If I buy it again, I’ll definitely be cutting it with some olive oil to give it more dietary oomph. The higher likelihood is that I might try to figure out how to make more dressing flavors at home.

About midweek last week, I started experiencing severe acid reflux. Severe acid reflux is one of my primary symptoms of being glutened, but I had none of my other usual symptoms (migraine or stomach woes). I’m still not sure if I was glutened, but I emailed the company to double check that the salad dressing was indeed gluten free.

I sent them this kind email:

Good afternoon!
I recently found your line of salad dressings in my local grocery
store (Woodmans, Madison, WI). The ingredients list sounds,
particularly for your raspberry vinaigrette, like the kind of dressing
I would like. But as someone with celiac disease, I often like to
double check that prepackaged food items are indeed gluten free. I
see the ingredients for this product don’t list anything that should
have gluten, but is your dressing line indeed gluten free?
Many thanks!

Three days later I got this response:

The only dressings that do contain gluten are:
Ceasar Dressing
Ranch Lovers Dressing
VO Ranch Dressing

Thank you,
Kristen Boyett
Customer Service/Sales
Braswell Food Company

So if you are looking for a decent tasting, no oil vinaigrette that also needs to be gluten free, you might want to Braswell’s dressing line. I’m also oddly excited to have a reusable carafe too!


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  1. is the staple aroma, then mingling acidity and a nice
    crunchy mouthfeel to complete the wine. We have been serving gluten free
    pizza, pasta, cookies and cakes since 2004. Fibromyalgia, also called FM, or FMS, is a chronic
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