Jovial cookies – product review

I had time to kill Friday evening after finishing errands and before the ManBeast needed to be picked up from campus. As I am wont to do when I’ve got time to kill on the west side of town, I decided to wander around Whole Foods. I was fiending for something, but I didn’t really know what.

I found these cookies way down on the bottom shelf of the cookie section. They didn’t even have the ‘gluten free’ shelf tag that Madison’s Whole Foods seems to think belongs on a lot of products. But they did have a ‘certified gluten free’ stamp on the back, so I decided to go for it. In line with my mention the other day that I don’t actually care for chocolate cookies/cake, I picked up the vanilla cream filled version. I paid $4.39 for the box, which contains 6 packages of 2 cookies each.

The cookies, as you can see, aren’t very big. But they are tasty. I’d finished half the box by that night. And the rest were gone the next day. So much for low carb and avoiding sweets.

The cookies themselves are indeed crispy on the outside, and soft and chewy on the inside, which is how they are described on the back of the box. And my sweet tooth didn’t feel assaulted by the cookies either. To me, they tasted nice and lightly sweet, unlike so many supermarket cookies that I remember eating. I didn’t feel like I was overloading on sugar by eating half the box (though, I’m sure I was). The cookie part itself had an almost spicy quality to it without me actually being able to identify any spices in it. It is definitely the filling that gives the cookie it’s sweetness. The filling isn’t exactly what I’d call creamy, but it had a reasonable texture that fit well with the cookie part.

Overall, I’d buy them again if I was looking to splurge.
Apparently, they’ve even got some information up about how the cookies are made! And I’ve got to say, I love a company that puts their ingredient list and nutritional information in an easy to find location on their web page.


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