Sweet and hot pepper dip

The ManBeast and I were at Brennan’s Friday. The great thing about Brennan’s is all the samples they put out. I tried everything that appeared to be gluten free. But the one thing that stuck out in the ManBeast’s and my memory was the sweet and hot pepper dip. But at $8 for a tub, neither of us were willing to splurge. Between upcoming vet bills, my car needing some work, and a gum surgery I should really schedule already, money is (and will be) tight. But the ingredient list was pretty simple so I figured I’d try to make it myself. And I think I’ve just about got it.

Sweet and hot pepper dip
In a small food processor bowl combine
-1/2 package cream cheese
-1 T sweet pepper relish
-1 T hot pepper relish
-2 t siracha
-1/4 t chili flakes
Combine well. If it seems too thick, add maybe a teaspoon or so of milk.

In hindsight, the hot pepper relish we found isn’t hot at all. I probably could have just bought one bottle of the sweet. I was about to add another teaspoon of siracha when the ManBeast suggested that we’d get more heat quicker out of the chili flakes, and that is exactly what happened. If you don’t likely spicy, what I’d suggest doing is leaving out the siracha and chili flakes, mix the cream cheese and pepper relish, THEN start adding the spicier things. This way you’ll have more control over how spicy it is. If you like spicy food, obviously you’ll want to add more of either the siracha or the chili flakes. I’m currently enjoying my creation with corn chips.


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