Yellow gluten free cake in a cup

If something here doesn’t make sense, please ask. I’m tired. But for whatever reason, resisting going to bed. There weren’t too many versions of this online that actually looked good that I’m not going to link to any of them. But I did have an ‘ah ha’ moment when I remembered this post from Gluten Free Gobsmacked the other day. Ratios. I’m not crazy keen on the idea of baking my ratios. I’m sure it works better. I’ve got other things that are more important to me. And sifting and weighing my flours does not fall on that list. So I modded her recipe the best I could, basing it on what I’d see in some gluten-containing cake in cup recipes, and came up with the below. This was much better than my first attempt which is currently sitting in the melted garbage bag in the trash can (yes, I super cooked it so much {it didn’t look like it was cooking right?!?} that five min after taking it out of the microwave, it was still bubbling hot and melted the garbage bag when I put it in the trash, oh well). I may have overcooked this a bit, so be careful of the cooking times. But the taste was good and it’s all gone. I liked this much better than the chocolate cake in a cup that I made a while back. So much for low carb.

Gluten free yellow cake in a cup
1. Melt 4 T of butter in a large mug.
2. Add 4 T sugar and mix well.
3. Add one large egg and whisk as best you can with a fork.
4. Add 1/2 t vanilla.
5. Add the following flours, one or so at a time:
1 T potato starch
1 T brown rice flour
2 T sweet rice flour
2 T white rice flour
Mix well between each addition.
6. Add 1/8 t baking powder and a pinch of salt. Mix well.
7. Microwave in bursts, assessing how done your cake is between each. Each microwave cooks different, and I’m sure the mug you use will also affect timing. Mine was something like 45 seconds, 45s, 25s. I do wish after the first microwaving that I’d added chocolate chips in (not at the start, because they’ll just all sink). But I forgot. So after I turned the cake out into a bowl I just sprinkled on chocolate chips. Either way, it’s all gone now and I’m feeling guilty for the amount of refined carbs I just ate.