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There are a few recent posts in the blog-o-sphere that I’d really like to share.

If you liked my recipe for Never get dry skin moisturizer, odds are high you’ll also love Elana’s DIY foot balm and Food Renegade’s Homemade chapped lip balm. I don’t really use foot balm, but I’ll be testing that lip balm recipe out this weekend. I’ve got everything I need to make it, and since the ManBeast will be out of town, I can make a mess in the kitchen with nonfood stuff, and no one will care (not that he cares any way, and I’m the one who also cleans up the kitchen any way…).

The Art of Gluten Free Baking posted a great argument for why baking by volume at home is perfectly fine. I won’t name names, but I find this movement of YOU MUST BAKE BY WEIGHT TO GET GOOD RESULTS to be pretentious and completely unnecessary. As the post mentioned discusses, on a small scale, the difference is negligible for the home baker. And as a scientist, I get why people think baking by weight is important, but as someone who makes microbiology growth media regularly, I despise the idea of having to weigh out ingredients at home.

Also from Elana comes a fabulously simple recipe for chocolate bark that I might also try this weekend. Dark chocolate? Pistachios? Sea salt? I am so there.

Primal Muse has a great post discussing the non-gut related stuff gluten can do to a body. I’m still working through some of the links and references he mentioned, but I think he is spot on. You don’t NEED a diagnosis of celiac to benefit from cutting gluten from your diet, but I’d suggest you get tested just in case (and once my comment is approved, you’ll be able to read why I think that way, which I don’t think would be anything new for anyone who reads this site). As someone whose main symptoms of a glutening are migraines and acid reflux, I know all too well the Other things gluten can do to a body.

And if you’re looking for a cute WTF moment, NPR has a great video that asks, Can Ants Count?

Last, but not least, You don’t need to feel like shit for feeling like shit. Something I wish more people would take to heart.


Link Love

Despite getting two plates of sequencing out today, my hands are doing ok. Its my arms that still hurt from doing push ups Saturday! We’re a week in over at r/90daysgoal and my goal is to get moving more (sound familiar?). I’m hoping with daily check ins and motivation that I might actually be able to do this. I’m aiming for at least 80% success (as in, move more on 72 days of those 90). The fun thing I thought of last night… I’ve been wanting a new monitor. Using my MacBook is sufficient, but tiny. And it’s not like I don’t have the money. I just can’t justify buying more crap. So I think I’ve decided that if I can hit 90%, then I can buy a new monitor in February when this challenge is done. After all, if I can wait that long, it means I really want it, will have done something to earn it, and then it would fit in with my financial principles :)
Speaking of which, good time to go walk the stairs…

Some link love for you today.

There’s been some confusion in the gluten free world about whether all wines are truly gluten free. While I would still suggest you follow your body’s reaction, No gluten, No problem does a good job explaining why the vast majority of wines are indeed gluten free, even if they do come into contact with gluten, and why you shouldn’t worry about it. But I’ll add the caveat that if you think you react to a wine, then don’t drink that kind again!

Paleochix have a fabulous post about weight today. I fall squarely in the skinny fat side of things. I’ve always been slender, but that isn’t a measure of my good health. In fact, I’d say being slender is about the only thing I’ve got going for me. And is why I want to get moving more. I can feel my sedentary lifestyle slowly catching up with me and I’d rather do something about it now than wait until it’s a real problem

I LOVE the video post on The Art of Nonconformity today. While I’ve certainly been known to march to the beat of my own drummer, it isn’t always a good thing. I’m just thick headed like that.

And a book that I want oh so much after being reinspired by Maggie today. I haven’t added any new fruits to my list in a few weeks. I should get on that.

Thar be leprechauns in the boat house!

Let It Begin With Me

What would it look like if I helped support other people on this path, rather than being indifferent to them or even worse, holding them down? Why, as a woman, do I find it so hard to want to stand up for my right to take care of my body how I see fit on some fronts but not others? How do I put myself first? And what can I do to honor the decisions I have made, and yet still allow myself the space to mourn the paths I have not chosen?
What would it look like to support the decisions my friends make, regardless of what I think of those decisions? And even further, what would it look like to support the decisions of people I might not even like very much? Because, lets be honest, I don’t like everyone on this planet. Some a bit more than others.
How can I show myself and others better love and support, flaws and all.

What would it look like if I were a key dropper instead of a cage builder?

Poem by Hafiz, illustrated by Jolie Guillebeau.

Link Love

I need to get some of these links off my tabs before I forget about them and close them without realizing.
Not all of these directly relate to each other on the surface, nor do they necessarily deal with diet and/or fitness and/or gluten free and/or primal, etc. But they work in my head for various reasons and hopefully some of you might find them interesting. I’ve got some more coming, but I need to process them in my head a bit better before I share them.

The US has it’s first Autistic Presidential appointee, Ari Neā€™eman. The interview is a great read, but so are many of the comments (not all, but many). Being in the gluten free community, I’ve run across some discussion of autism, but this was a look into it that I’ve not had before. I babysat for a child when I was in my teens who likely had autism, and I wish I’d known these kinds of things then, as I very clearly remember wondering how I could help this child more and being frustrated that I had no clue.

Losing weight without self hatred from Low Carb Confidential. What I get out of this is be happy with who you are, even if you could use some improvements, be happy today with what you do have knowing that you are working on an even better you. I need to remember this on days like today, when the scale shows the results of my crappy food choice weekend.

Along the same lines (at least in my head), How much do you weigh emotionally? Despite what I feel are efforts to make an even better me, I can still see the physicsdiet graph on my screen that shows my weight is trending up again, almost to the numbers I was seeing before going to Costa Rica in May. Emotionally, I feel like a fat kid today and all I want to do is eat chocolate because of it. The stress of giving a departmental seminar on Wed I’m sure is not helping.

An interesting look at high fructose corn syrup, including a reason why calling it corn sugar might actually be a GOOD thing.

A really chilling public health campaign video. Definitely NOT light hearted. Unlike NYC’s new public health campaign against sugary drinks.


Reading aka Massive Link Love

I read. A LOT. All the time. I was the kid who would read the entire cereal box. I was well into the adult section in the public library in middle school because the young adult section just didn’t have enough for me any more (and that was saying a lot, as we had a good library).
These days I don’t have much time for books. Which is a shame, but I’m sure at some point a bit later in my grad school career I’ll have time again to read BOOKS for *pleasure*. It is something I miss. These days I keep it to blogs and scientific literature. If you don’t already, I highly suggest getting yourself a gmail account and using the Reader function. It’s a great easy way to keep track of blog posts. Because trust me, there is no way I’d ever be able to keep up with 83 74 websites and their posts if it were not for Reader (as I started writing this, I realized that I really needed a feed clean out, 9 sites went in an either ‘you don’t post any more or I don’t like reading you any more’ cut).

So what the hell do I read? See below if you need some reading ideas (or more ways to procrastinate). I’m not saying that all of these blogs or sites are 100% stellar, but I get something out of all of them. Whether it be humor, gluten free information, or science articles that could make or break my PhD, I find them all useful.

Gluten Free – There are tons of gluten free blogs out there these days. I can’t pretend to keep up with them.
Elana’s Pantry
Gluten Free Anna – Recipes, Food, Restaurants, and Hollywood
Gluten Free [Cooking School]
Gluten Free Food Reviews
Gluten Free Gobsmacked
Gluten Free on a Shoestring
Gluten Free Philly
Gluten-Free Bay
Gluten-Free Girl
Hey, that tastes good!
Karina’s Kitchen: Gluten-Free Recipes
No Gluten, No Problem
Gluten Free Girl recommends
Sixty Recipes in Sixty Days
The Essential Gluten-Free Blog
Kitchen Therapy
What do you want to eat??
A Life of Sugar and Spice
Four Chickens

Food – I like reading about food in general too.
101 Cookbooks
Cheap Healthy Good
The Whole Kitchen
use real butter
Simply Recipes
Green Your Plate
Food Renegade

Fun – I need humor in my life. Often. In weird ways.
PhD Comics
Pundit Kitchen
Questionable Content
The Oatmeal
I Can Has Cheezburger?
I Has A Hotdog!
It Made My Day

Fitness – Or perhaps Health. Not sure, either way this is my new obsession.
[ 265andfalling ]
Get Fit Slowly
Hire the smart, fat girl.
So Long, Fat Ass!

Life Things to Think About – These four links are actually huge. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to me to have friends, what failure is for me, and how to make my life my own. These four sites are having a huge impact on me and how I think about things.
A Practical Wedding
MWF Seeking BFF
The Art of Non-Conformity
The Happiness Project

angry chicken
Eating in Madison A to Z
Small Notebook
The Manwife Chronicles
Mighty Girl

Personal Finance – I’ve read less and less on Personal Finance since I got my own finances under control. At this stage though, I do still need reminders every once in a while to spend less than I earn.
Get Rich Slowly
Frugal Babe
The Non-Consumer Advocate

Science – I won’t bore you with all the links here. But if you are into Microbiology, the journals below are a really good starting point to keep up on what is happening in the field, and really science in general.
The Ant Hunter
Environmental Microbiology
Environmental Microbiology Reports
Environmental Entomology
Nature Reviews Immunology
Nature Reviews Microbiology
Molecular Microbiology
Current Opinion in Microbiology
Trends in Ecology and Evolution